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Welcome to our Events page.

The aim of this section of QMed is to offer an up-to-date overview of upcoming lectures, seminars, courses, and exhibitions, that might be of interest to medieval historians.

Home to research institutions of national and international importance, such as the Institute of Historical Research, the British Library, University of London and its colleges and institutes, as well as numerous museums and galleries, London hosts throughout the year a wide array of stimulating events connected to medieval studies.

At Queen Mary, seasoned scholars and doctoral students interact in the meetings of Working Materials, where exciting new research is presented and discussed, as well as in the research exchange with the University of Freiburg, which alternates annually in the springtime between London and Freiburg.

Situated at the heart of several exciting networks of research, Queen Mary is dedicated to becoming a meeting place for medievalists all over London, and beyond. If you would like to publicise your event here, please contact us!

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